Jackson County ranked 25th out of 330 metro areas for Best Places for STEM Graduates



Did you know….Jackson County ranked 25th out of 330 metro areas for Best Places for STEM graduates?

  • Nerd Wallet, Inc., analyzed the nation’s 330 largest metro areas to identify the best places for STEM graduates.
  • The Nerd Wallet Staff examined the most recent federal data available from the BLS on salaries, concentration of STEM jobs and unemployment rate, as well as U.S. Census Bureau Data on the cost of median monthly rent in each location.
  • For Jackson County, there were 67.03 STEM employees per 1,000 jobs in 2015, with an average, annual salary of $75,841.66.
  • Read complete article ‘Best Places for STEM Grads 2016’ here: https://www.nerdwallet.com/blog/cities/best-places-stem-grads-2016/#.Vx-vH6lE7pc.email
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It’s been another good year…

…and we’re continuing to grow!  If you are looking for a job in a high-tech business, please take a moment to look at our new job postings on our Careers page.  Key openings include Business Development Support Staff and Electrical Technician.

Continuing to grow!

December 7, 2012

We are growing even more!  If you are looking for a job in a high-tech business, please take a moment to look at our new job postings on our Careers page.  Especially if you are located in South Central or South East Michigan and are considering a change of pace, give us a call and talk about the opportunities for employment here at SeaLandAire Technologies.

New Job Postings!

July 30, 2012

SeaLandAire is looking to grow! We are gathering resumes for Electrical Engineering and Software Developer positions. If you are interested in joining our dynamic engineering team, please see our Careers page to learn more

VIVACE system featured

December 15, 2011

Check out this recent article
in GE’s Txchnology online publication discussing Vortex Hydro Energy’s VIVACE system for harvesting power from relatively slow river currents. Also, take a look at our VIVACE project page describing our involvement in developing and fielding earlier prototypes of the energy harvesting system.


Image credit: VIVACE at work. Courtesy Scott Galvin, U-M Photo Services

DoD 12.1 SBIR Topics of Interest

November 22, 2011

We’re excited about several SBIR topics that we’re pursuing on our own and with existing partners. We’ve also identified several additional topics of interest. Perhaps your organization has expertise in these areas and would like to partner with us. If so, please contact our Director of Business Development, Jerry Cole (jcole at sealandaire.com).

N121-025 Detecting Submerged Targets Using Very Low-Frequency Signals

To be successful on this topic, we believe it is imperitive to collect in-air and underwater VLF data to verify the prototype sensor’s performance. We have the ability to collect extremely low frequency acoustic data (<<1Hz) in water and this experience will translate well to airborne systems. We are interested in supporting signal processing experts to demonstrate this capability for the Navy.

Evaluate the potential of using underwater infrasonic signals for the in-air detection of submerged targets.

Infrasonics, Water–Air interface, Vertical Dipole, Horizontal Dipole

N121-074 Fat Line Towed Array Straightening System

We have experience with towed array components as well as energy storage and small, energy efficient actuation / propulsion. We also have capabilities with array hydrodynamic modeling. If you have an idea but aren’t sure how to implement it, we would be interested in partnering with you to submit a proposal.

OBJECTIVE: The objective is to develop a system that would keep the Fat Line (TB-16 series and TB-34) arrays straight and horizontal while towed at speeds as low as 1.5 knots to improve array effectiveness and reduce damage in shallow waters.

KEYWORDS: Drag inducing drogue; aft pulling propulsion; active buoyancy control; rheological fluids; towed array droop; low speed towed array

SLA looking for partners for DoD 12.1 SBIR

November 10, 2011
The new SBIR solicitation has been released! SeaLandAire is interested in partnering with other small businesses to address these opportunities. Our experience in SBIR projects and developing fielded prototype systems can improve your company’s likelihood of winning an award! We have a good record of receiving Phase 1 awards (>40% of DoD SBIR proposals submitted) and a similar success rate for Phase 2 transition. We’ll be posting several lists of topics we would like to team with you on – look for updates in the near future!

Successful Navy Opportunity Forum

June 11, 2011

SeaLandAire participated in the 2011 Navy Opportunity Forum for Phase 2 SBIR awardees in Crystal City, VA. Thanks to all who made the event a success, and all who stopped by our booth to discuss our products and services. As always, please feel free to contact us regarding teaming opportunities – together we can do more than when we work separately. We look forward to talking to you again!

SLA @ 2011 Navy Opportunity Forum

June 4, 2011

SeaLandAire is presenting our PHASE project overview and status at the 2011 Navy Opportunity Forum in Crystal City, VA. Please drop by booth A412 if you’re attending the showcase – we’d love to discuss our progress!

SLA invited to submit Phase II proposal for CRAUV

May 27, 2011

SeaLandAire was just invited to write a Phase II proposal in the down select period of Compact Riverine AUV effort. This is quite an honor because of the high level of competition for the down select.

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